William Shaw House

Location: 502 North 7th Street
Marshall, IL 62441
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William Shaw House

William Shaw was born in York Township, Clark County, IL on July 26, 1830. His father, Nineveh Shaw, was born in Kentucky and his mother, Mary Latshaw, was born in Pennsylvania.

In 1857 William purchased the east half of Block 4, lots 1 & 4 (except the North 24 feet thereof) in William B. Archer's First Addition to the town of Marshall, Clark County, IL. This purchase was from Darius and Rebecca Legore on September 7, 1857 for $1000.00. In October, 1857 William obtained a $800.00 mortgage on the property. It is believed that the present home's construction was begun at this time.

On February 17, 1859 William Shaw married Lucy Barbee Young. The couple had five children, three living to adulthood: Wilfred "Fred", Mary Gertrude "Gertrude" and Edith. Lucy Barbee Young Shaw died on February 12, 1884. William Shaw died on February 29, 1904. His 1901 will left the property to his daughter Gertrude. Gertrude's 1944 will left lot 4 to her niece Margaret Shaw. Gertrude died Feb. 2, 1946, Various family members lived at the house over the years while both Gertrude and Margaret owned the property. Margaret Shaw died June 1, 1984 and the house and property ownership was shared by her niece Nancy Hawbaker Gilbert as well as her nephews Robert Shaw Greenough and Chapman S. Root.

In July, 1985 Randolph and Jo Ellen Donehue Rich purchased the home from the Shaw estate. They were given an oral history of the home by William Shaw's grandson Wilfred Shaw. He affirmed that the house had been home to four generations of the Shaw family and that the original building consisted of four rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs-a story and a half structure with two stairways. The house has a stone foundation with a small cellar accessed by an exterior door. There is a building over a root cellar that stands to the north of the home. At some point after the home was built, this building was attached to the home by adding a kitchen in the space between. The building is used as the kitchen pantry today. The kitchen was remodeled in 2007.

The woodwork is original one inch (1") red oak flooring with twelve inch (12") baseboards. The original doors and hardware remain. The house was built with back-to-back fireplaces as the heating system downstairs with the chimney heating the upstairs rooms. The dining room fireplace was closed in when boiler heat and radiators were added. Radiators still heat the home today.

The original front door faced Hudson (now Hickory) street. Twenty-five years after the house was built the front rooms were enlarged, additional bedrooms added upstairs and a porch was added. The front entry since that time has faced Franklin (now Seventh) street. The exterior of the home has basically been unchanged since that time with the exception of the 1986 closing in the formerly screened back porch and adding a deck on the west side of the home.

There are two hitching posts, one on Hickory and one on Seventh street. Additionally there is a hitching ring on the west side of the home. It is attached to the house at what was the original northwest corner of the building. Wilfred Shaw told the Rich's that this was used by the milk wagon driver to tether his horse when making a delivery. There was a small window that he would pass the milk through and place it on a low counter just inside the kitchen without disturbing the family activities. There is another family relic left behind: the word "Edith" is etched (in a child's handwriting) on the glass of a kitchen window.