Wastewater Department History

December 5, 1892

  • Construct sewer from west side Hamilton St. (now 6th St.) commencing at the Sherman House corner and extending south 1700 feet to Bridge on Cairo, Vincennes and Chicago Railroad. Pipe to be vitrified salt glazed pipe, not less than 12", and deep enough for all connections and street drainage.
  • Tap fee $200.00 per property owner.
  • City appropriated $400.00 to pay for construction.

October 20, 1903

  • Sewer District No. 1 Area North of Cumberland (now Archer Ave.) and West of Jefferson (now 9th St.)
  • Constructed by 23 people for $3,000.00
  • Construct east side trickling plant
  • Sewer interceptor on Vine St. from 5th to 11th then along 11th to Maple then on Maple to 14th then along 14th to Pine St.
  • Construct pump station at Holly Lane with Force Main along Archer to 6th St.

November 24, 1964

  • Council hired Warren & Van Pragg, Inc. to make preliminary survey of sewage treatment plant and sewer system for $3500.00


  • Constructed west side activated sludge treatment plant


  • Sewer service to Golf Lakes subdivision constructed


  • Construct sewer service to Interstate 70 plaza area
  • Constructed force main from west side treatment plant to Holly Lane
  • Replaced Holly Lane pump station and installed 18" force main from Holly Lane to 14th St.
  • Replaced west and east side treatment plants with aerated lagoon plant located just west of the old east side treatment plant


  • Construct sewer service to south 9th and south 11th street
  • Sanitary sewer replacement for Kirchner Subdivision


  • Construct replacement sewer and storm sewer separation on Spruce St. from 2nd St. to Rt. 1


  • Construct replacement sewer and new storm sewer from 4th and Plum south to alley north of Archer then east to 8th St. and back north to Plum St.


  • Installed storm sewer from Holly Lane to IL Rt.1 project separating out sanitary sewer