National Register of Historic Places, Marshall Business District

Marshall, with an approximate population of 4000, is situated west of the Wabash River and Indiana State line; it is also about 200 miles directly south of Chicago. Meeting at the eastern boundary of the Marshall Business Historic District are Illinois Route 1 and the historic Old US 40. Old US 40, designated as a National Scenic Byway, is formerly known as the Cumberland Road and the National Road. From this intersection, heading west on Old US 40, now named Archer Avenue, three blocks of continuous two- and three-story commercial buildings line both sides of the street. At the intersection of Archer Avenue and 6th Street begins the courthouse square that is also surrounded by one- and two-story commercial buildings. However, the buildings form small continuous sections with a park and parking lots in between as well as infill of modern development. Of the 55 buildings in the district, 46 are considered contributing due to the continuity and details of the Italianate commercial style with bracketed cornices and second story decorative window hoods. The ground level facades are primarily intact with a few alterations that reflect changes in style. The district has two examples of mid-century design; each are simply stated, but still show elements reflective of the style. The buildings considered as non-contributing are those that do not meet the 1963 threshold and/or lack architectural integrity needed to convey the ambiance of the period of significance.

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