Ellshoff House

Location: 304 Maple Street
Marshall, IL 62441
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Ellshoff House

The exterior of the home is Bedford Limestone. All stone masonry was done by Earl Ellshoff. Every piece was hand trimmed. Additions were added, starting in the late 1930's, and the last one was in 1955.

The 9-foot ceilings are 16" square tiles, and the interior walls are wallpapered. The living room fireplace addition is all solid knotty-pine planks. The fireplace is 6'x5'. This addition was built by Earl Ellshoff in 1939. Carpenter Clarence Tingley helped with some of the carpentry.

A 36'x36' 2 1h car garage, which is all stone, fronts onto Third Street. The house has a utility room on the north end of the house which has a natural gas furnace, air conditioner, washer, dryer, and laundry tubs. A forced-air oil furnace was installed in 1947. Before that time, the house was heated by a coal-fired "Warm Morning" stove.

In 1943 or 1944, the house was one of the first, if not the first, in the City of Marshall, to be fully insulated with blown-in rock wool insulation. The insulation remains today. No definitive date can be established for the year that the original house was built. The abstract has the word "tenant" for the year 1891. Earl and Louise Ellshoff bought the house and property in 1928 from Earl and Lulu Sowers. The picture of the original house was taken circa 1933-34? The gentleman with the horse and snowplow is Ed Washburn. The city hired him to plow the sidewalks in town. The children looking out the windows are Franklin and Mary Lou Ellshoff. The old woolen mill/sale barn is shown in the background.