Marshall Illinois – Visit Our Rich History

Marshall Illinois in the heart of Marshall County (much of which was originally part of Putnam County) was named for the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court John Marshall. Chief Justice Marshall served from 1801 to 1835. More than twenty years after he took his place on the highest court in the land, one Thomas Brooks became the first settler in what would become the future Marshall county. The year was 1824 when Brooks built himself cabin at the east edge of Sandy timber. Though Brooks moved on, in 1828 the first permanent settlers arrived to stay. Among them were John Strawn of Ohio, John Wier who arrived by Keel boat, and Jesse and Livingston Roberts. These folks helped shape the future of Marshall County which grew and grew.

Kick the Winter Blues with Fun & Important Events in Marshall Illinois

On the fun side:

Marshall Illinois Organization Supports and Inspires Local Artists

Art is important to Marshall, Illinois. From local art to Wall dog murals and of course our beloved Lion Statues. Marshall shows it’s love of art!

Marshall Illinois: Home of the World’s Largest Gavel - Rich History in Justice

The measurements have been taken and the certification is complete. The Guinness Book of World Records have officially claimed that the gavel in front of the Clark County Courthouse was, indeed, the largest court gavel in the World.
 The gavel is made of red oak and measures 36” in diameter, 61” height, and 16’6” in length.

History and Whimsy in Marshall, Illinois

If you love history or art, there’s no need to travel to Chicago—the small town of Marshall, Illinois is perfect for a weekend retreat. After all, where else can you pose for a selfie with 27 different lion statues?   Yes, the county seat for Clark County is not only home of the Marshall High School Lions, but this town is also so proud of its Lion mascot that over two dozen lion statues can be found around town. These fun and whimsical statues were created with the help of the Gas Light Art Colony, a local organization dedicated to promoting art awareness and participation.

An Inside Look at the Parks of Marshall, Illinois

While you may not have given much thought to parks before, rest assured, there is a reason community parks play a critical role in both the current liveability and future of a town. The residents and leaders of Marshall, Illinois, understand the importance of parks, which explains why this small community has nine different parks for their citizens and visitors to enjoy.